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Bed Bug Control Service

Keep Your Eyes Open For Bed Bugs 

Bed Bugs are a current troublesome household pest. They are sneaky, difficult to find, and can create potential health risks for you and your family. Bed Bugs can multiply quickly, so early detection is critical to help prevent an even larger infestation. If not controlled in time, they can multiply and turn into thousands. Bed Bugs survive by preying on a warm blooded host. After feeding they retreat to their hiding spot and can live for months if not detected, they  return when they need to feed again.

Let Us Puts Your Bed Bug Worries To Rest

To the untrained eye, eliminating a Bed Bug infestation can prove difficult, and even if discovered, using home remedies and over-the-counter products are often ineffective. A Pest Buster specialist will inspect your home and areas of concern, implement a solution, and monitor activity to ensure the effectiveness of our efforts and offer added peace of mind.

Bed Bugs Can:


Find hosts through detection of body heat and the release of carbon dioxide.

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Are skilled hitchhikers. They are primarily transported by humans and human belongings.

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Need the blood of warm-blooded animals or human hosts to survive.


Hide in your home within fabrics, mattresses, clothing, and walls.

Protect your Home and Family from Bed Bugs. Schedule your Free Inspection Today!

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